3DUniversum @ Emerce eDay16 

Our CTO was on the stage at "Emerce eDay16". He gave an inspiring talk "3(r)D Revolution: Advances in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence" . He also demonstrated our latest mobile scanning and virtual fitting applications. We would like to thank you all for your nice feedback and supports. You can find the presentation here

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3DUniversum @ TEDxAmsterdam

We are proud to be selected as one of the finalists for TEDxAmsterdam awards. This recognition from such a high prestigious organization motivates and encourges us.

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3DUniversum @ NEXT16

3DUniversum is honored by being invited to give a short talk and demo about our innovative technologies on the main stage at NEXT16. You can visit us at our demo stand on 22nd and 23rd September (video).


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3DUniversum Nerds @ Data Science Game


We are proud that 3DUniversum Nerds Team has won a ticket for the finals at Data Science Game. In the first phase, 3DU-Nerds have been computing with 140 other teams from over 30 countries. 3DU-Nerds had the third position with deep net solution. We wish them good luck at the finals which will be held near Paris the 10 and 11 September.  Initial ranking is available at this link.

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3DUniversum @ eFashion16


We demonstrated our innovative technologies on the main stage, 8th September, at eFashion, in Amsterdam. Thank you all for your comments and support. We have received lots of positive feedback, which keeps us motivated and encourages us to bring our 3D technology step further.

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3DUniversum @ ECCV16


We are proud to be in the organizing committe of one of the biggest computer vision conference (ECCV).

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3DUniversum @ Campus Party


Our CEO was at "Feel The Future" main stage at Campus Party. He gave an inspiring talk "from lab to real world". We would like to thank you all for your nice feedback and supports. 

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3DU team is working really hard (24/7) to make the first low-cost, real-time and portable 3D indoor scanning app available. Here is a shoot "3DU on duty"!


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The Next Rembrandt


Our team member Morris Franken participated as a lead developer in the "The Next Rembrandt" project. His task was to develope state-of-the-art machine learning technique (i.e. deep learning) to produce a 3D-printed painting in the style of Dutch master Rembrandt. We congratulate him for such a nice work! (BBCvideo)

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3DUniversum @ TEDxAmsterdam & Spaces


3DUniversum is honored by being invited to give a talk about 3D Computer Vision and demonstrate our state-of-the-art mobile scanning technology at TEDxAmsterdam & Spaces, held May 12, 2016. We would like to thank everybody who helped in making this event a great success.

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3DUniversum @ NRCLive


After a great talk about 3D Computer Vision and Deep Learning by our CEO, we have demonstrated 3DU-eyewear app at the stage (Live!). We have received a lot of nice feedback. Thank you all for your comments and support.

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Startup Deal of the Year 

3DUniversum is nominated for the startup deal of the year.  We are happy to see that our hardwork is acknowledged by the business experts.

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3DU-Mobile Scanner

Our real-time 3D scanning solution for Ipad will be soon available in apple store. Thanks for your patience! 

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3DU-Eyewear, March 2016

3DU-Eyewear app makes it possible to 3D scan and view faces in real-time. 3DU-Eyewear app automatically detects important face regions (e.g. eye corners, pupils, nose etc.). Using our app, you can get automatic measurements of pupil distance, nose bridge, temple distance etc. You can use our app to tailor or visualize your products (e.g. glasses) to your clients.

For further questions and commercial uses, please contact us at info@3duniversum.com.

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3DUniversum @ Thingscon Amsterdam, 2014

3DUniversum is honored by being invited to participate at Thingscon Amsterdam, held November 7, 2014. This was a one-day conference about the future of the hardware business, with a special focus on the Internet of Things and the design of new products and services that combine hardware and software.

The photo shows our CEO demonstrating the 3DMultiScan software.

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Een bedrijf dat dat ook heel goed heeft begrepen is 3DUniversum. Dit bedrijf is een spin-off van de Universiteit van Amsterdam en de oprichters doen al jaren onderzoek naar Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (news).

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3DUniversum @ eDay2014

3DUniversum demonstrated the 3D scanning technology, this time at Emerce eDay, the leading e-business conference held at November 6, 2014 in Amsterdam.  We are proud to be one of the few start-up companies that were allowed in the Innovation Alley. Our team interacted with many visitors, and received lots of positive feedback, which keeps us motivated and encourages us to bring our 3D technology another step further.


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3DUniversum @ Commit Event

3DUniversum team took part in Commit Event. We had a lot of fun and nice feedback from you.  Related articles can be found at cloudworks and Business & IT

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3DUniversum Team in RapidPro, 2014

3DUniversum @RapidPro 2014

Our 3DUniversum team took part in RapidPro 2014, a two-day exhibition on 3D printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing, 26-27 February in Veldhoven, Netherlands. With our unique and free-of-charge 3DMultiScan software we scanned more than 200 visitors and provided them a digital 3D-selfie. We had a lot of fun and interaction with our visitors. We take their feedback very seriously, which helps us to improve upon our exciting technology. Thanks to everybody who joined us! 


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