The new way of viewing

3DU’s Real Estate solution provides more than 360 panoramas and virtual tours. Its interactive 3D models with exact measurements and high quality images opens a new era for residental realestate, rental communities, travel & hospitality, insurance companies, restaurants & retail markets. 

All-in-one solution

  • 360 panoramas
  • 3D model of the room
  • Online 3D walk through
  • Virtual Reality
  • Automated Videos
  • Measurement tool in webplayer
  • 99% accurate floorplan

What are the requirements

  • A single scan takes only 45secs
  • Scanning 20-30 m^2 rooms in less than 15mins.
  • Just a mobile device does all the job.
  • Anybody can do scanning.

What you see is what you get: Happier guests!

  • True sense of space understanding avoids bad surprises, improve satisfaction. Your clients can measure every single point in the room (e.g. bed height, size etc.)