Empower your business with 2D-3D computer vision.

Our technology powered by artificial intelligence make computers & mobile devices see real life images and analyze the retrieved data to create solutions for the needs of enterprises.

Simple. Accurate. Mobile.

Real Estate

Scan a property of your choice (apartment, office, hotel room) and have your visual content ready only in 48 hours. It has never been this easy to create a gallery of high resolution pictures, videos, floor plans, 3D model of the property and a virtual tour ready for user interaction.


3DUniversum software enables the scanning of body parts, after which the data is available for precise measuring and interaction. It is possible to use the retrieved data for analysis of body measurements to help with manufacturing, online orders or simply creating a virtual try-on environment for customers in real-time.

Visual Inspection

3DUniversum software helps you automatically measure (area, volume, color etc.) and detect the visual defects in the production line in an easy and quick way, without the need of removing parts or interrupting the manufacturing process. After the 3D scanning is completed, our software analyzes the data and identify the deformity accurately.


3DUniversum scanning application assists medical advisers in detection and segmentation of the wounds with only a mobile device and without the hassle of the patient visiting the hospital. 3D scanning of skin wounds for precise measurement and diagnosis is crucial in the making of right medical decisions, as well as monitoring the curing process of the wound.

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How it works


Easily scan the object, face, room, surface with a mobile device.


The data is automatically processed using artificial intelligence technology to extract required information.


User-friendly tools to interact with the visualized data in real-time. Easily edit, share and download your model.

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