3DUniversum innovates and develops breakthrough AI technology based on cutting-edge academic research.

As the Artifical Intelligence (AI) era has arrived, many companies need to adapt to new AI technology. 3DUniversum ensures that this transition will be carried out seamlessly and successfully. 


We are a team of pioneering AI experts developing software solutions in the field of deep learning, computer vision and machine learning for a range of industries. We create custom solutions for the following markets including (1) healthcare, (2) industrial inspection and (3) retail.

In addition to partnering with renowned companies and institutes (AkzoNobel, Nike, Samsung, Huawei, Talpa, Red Cross etc.) to develop tailor-made AI solutions, our team has developed various innovative product lines including weScan, FairFake and Deeptherapy


During an intake, we will discuss the different options to develop AI solutions for your challenges.


Develop a step-by-step plan to solve your key business challenges with AI.


Implement best-in-class AI solutions.

Our Products

Thanks to our world-leading AI specialists and Computer Vision experts,
we are able to provide best-in-class AI solutions across industries. Here are some examples.

Premium app to enrich your media content with powerful 3D features by simply using your phone. With weScan you can capture, interact and share 3D spaces by simply using your LIDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad.

We offer high-quality fairfakes for various domains such as media, entertainment and government, and give seminars on how deepfakes are produced and detected for educational purposes.

Deep therapy is an online communication platform for practitioners to enter into conversation with inaccessible people through self-controlled video animations via Zoom.

Get accurate sizing and body measurements analysis with our softwate to help with manufacturing personalized products, online orders or simply creating a virtual try-on environment for customers in real-time.

Our software helps you automatically measure (area, volume, color etc.) and detect the visual defects in the production line in an easy and quick way, without the need of removing parts or interrupting the manufacturing process. After the 3D scanning is completed, our software analyzes the data and identify the deformity accurately.

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