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We help organizations to accelerate their AI adoption by connecting business developers with AI experts to develop cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

We provide best-in-class AI and machine learning solutions

Our team is world leading in AI and specialized in computer vision, machine and deep learning. We offer high-quality AI solutions for various domains such as industry, media, entertainment and government. We offer professional consultancy and training on the creation of AI technology.

3DUniversum Services

We provide top notch AI solutions enabling your business to improve and stand out from the crowd.

Project Consultancy

In-depth consultancy about AI related solutions for the challenges you have in mind.


Collaboration on specific research topics.

Develop AI Solutions

Prototyping, co-creation, and full product development.

Why use Artificial Intelligence in Business?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables organisations to work faster and smarter, doing more with significantly less. Thousands of organisations worldwide already use AI to increase productivity and efficiency with amazing results.
  • AI is the design and development of computer systems that can perform tasks which usually require human intelligence to undertake. Tasks such as understanding natural language require innate human skills that are extremely difficult for computers to model and solve.
  • AI is still very misunderstood, to many it appears to be a complex and mysterious technology. There is still considerable confusion about what it means and what it can do or will do. Prophecies of robots taking over the world are stretching what is or will be possible.

Do you know if it's AI?

  • If the programme can see and identify what it sees, then it likely uses computer vision or image processing
  • If it can respond to spoken or written words, commands or questions, then it likely uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) or speech recognition
  • If it makes decisions based on patterns it has identified in the data, then it’s Machine Learning The above are functions of AI.