We provide AI Consultancy & Strategy services across industries

3DUniversum’s mission is to democratize access to AI and bridge the gap between academia and the corporate world by finding applications of our data scientists’ research in business.


Talk to us about your situation so that we can provide you a deeper understanding of AI solution available for you.


Develop a step-by-step plan to solve your key business challenges with AI.


Implement – Best-in-class AI solutions tailored for you built by our experts.

Our Products

Thanks to our world-leading A.I. specialists and Computer Vision experts,
we are able to provide best-in-class AI solutions across industries. Here are some examples.

Scan a property of your choice (apartment, office, hotel room) and have your visual content ready only in 48 hours. It has never been this easy to create a gallery of high resolution pictures, videos, floor plans, 3D model of the property and a virtual tour ready for user interaction.

Get accurate sizing and body measurements analysis with our softwate to help with manufacturing personalized product, online orders or simply creating a virtual try-on environment for customers in real-time.

Our software helps you automatically measure (area, volume, color etc.) and detect the visual defects in the production line in an easy and quick way, without the need of removing parts or interrupting the manufacturing process. After the 3D scanning is completed, our software analyzes the data and identify the deformity accurately.

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