3DUniversum is honored by being invited to a panel ” AI, a reality check” at Emerce eDay17.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform everyday life, including how consumers interact with businesses. A lot is said about imaginative future scenarios where robots will take over our world. However, we want to know how it really works in everyday business, here and now. In this panel we discuss the most in important learnings from people in the field. How to create a chatbot for KLM, empowering users to find the right places to go when abroad? How to benefit from data usage in various kinds of industries and upgrade service levels? Which scientific insights will influence design in the near future? Our experts will enlighten us: Jane Zavalishina (CEO Yandex Data Factory), Theo Gevers (Professor of Computer Vision) and Nik Nieuwenhuijs (CEO Code D’azur).



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