Sezer Karaoglu, Co-Founder & CTO of 3DUniversum was an invited speaker in Emerce Next that has taken place on June 25th. Emerce Next brings the technology from tomorrow to today. Here pioneers and experts, innovators and early adopters talk about the success of ML, VR, AI, IoT, AR, Blockchain and Quantum in marketing and business. This is the day for 1,000 tech talents with 50+ sessions, challenges and demos from appealing organizations and international experts.

In his presentation focused on AI, Sezer Karaoglu tried to answer questions about “How Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live“.  Sezer  provided an overview of the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence (i.e computer vision). In addition, he interactively demonstrated 3DU solutions (i.e. mobile 3D scanning and its applications, deep fake generation and detection etc.) and show how artificial intelligence is already changing life paradigms to individuals as well as our whole society. More info about the event.

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