A powerful yet smart AI based SDK to extract meaningful information from images, from the abstract level to the fundamental level. This SDK also provides an intuitive and extendable API for different use-cases, such as object-detection, object-segmentation, automatic tagging, low-level image processing, etc.

Use Cases

Object Detection

Identify, classify and group objects in an image including its location, relative size and other object properties

Text (OCR) Recognition

Our state-of-the-art text recognition technology can translate visible words in video or image streams into searchable text. Combined with word database, this technology can help to translate and interpret subtitles, identify brands and even index name tags.

Logo/Brand Recognition

Object Segmentation

Classify each pixel of an image into an instance, each instance (or category) corresponding to an object or a part of the image.

Automatic Tagging

Multipurpose content-based automatic tagging with a large number of category classes

Environment Detection

Analyze and classify accurately the scene

Action Recognition

Low-level Image Processing

Image enhancement, image relighting, intrinsic image decomposition

and many more …

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